The Website

This website is now 2 years old. Wow! Praise to Allah.

You’ll find very few articles here. That’s because I prefer to draft articles in private, reflecting on what I want to write and beautiful ways to express it. Or, I spend time improving what’s already been published. In the rare event of a new post, I send out a personal email first.

The key question when writing anything: Who is your audience? My answer: everyone, I hope. Every word here should be accessible to, and beneficial for, all of humanity. (At least the subset who speak English 😅.)

Muslims will be at home with the topics, themes and terms here. People who believe in other Abrahamic faiths will find a lot of familiar territory, helping them relate to the parts of Islam that are new to them. And people of different beliefs will benefit from a deep-dive into a fresh worldview that’s still remarkably relatable.

For that, I use English terms when writing. It keeps the articles welcoming for newcomers, while also phrasing known concepts in a fresh light for those used to Arabic terminology. I use the words God and Allah interchangeably, too.

At the same time, you’ll find the original Arabic word in [brackets]. This helps advanced readers: sometimes there’s only one English word to describe many different words found in Arabic. Or, sometimes I translate differently from others.

Also, if you enjoy the pictures featured on this site, visit this gallery to see more and learn about the photographers.

The Author

My name is: at the top of every page on this website! More than just identifying the author, this is because:

  1. To name this site something fancy could be a cause of arrogance. (Or an outlet for what’s already there!)
  2. It’s a warning that every word here is written by a random person you don’t know. A fancy name like Muslim Lamp (made-up example) could unintentionally mislead people, or help them forget that this site is no authority.
  3. To remind you that an ordinary person is producing something and trying, so there is no reason why you can’t do better and more!
  4. A ‘cool’ title like Lightning Claps (that’s my previous site, actually), can be improved or grow out of taste, causing problems later on.
  5. My name has been always been reserved online, so I intend to never let go of this website address!

I spend time studying the religion, writing for people (articles) and for machines (programming). I love it when I can combine all three, like with this website! I’m very interested in the humanities too.

Feel free to email me about anything from the link at the bottom 👇🏼