It’s easy to fall into a perfectionist attitude. Writing can always be improved, and the weight of the subject drives me to revise every word many times. This approach prevented me from publishing anything—from now on, I plan to post more frequently.

I like to use English translations of any originally Arabic words. This makes the writing more accessible. At the same time, I place the original word in [brackets] so it’s clear what I’m referring to at the same time. Likewise, I use the words God and Allah interchangeably.

Please email me directly to send comments, suggestions or complaints.


I’m a student who hopes to want to try to seek sacred knowledge. In my free time, I work on some apps.

This website is named after… me. Other than simply identifying the author, this is because:

  1. To name this site something fancy could be a cause of arrogance.
  2. It’s a disclaimer that everything here is written by a random person. A fancy name like Muslim Lamp (made-up example) could unintentionally mislead people, or at least help them forget that this site is no authority.
  3. To remind you that an ordinary person is producing something and trying, so there is no reason why you can’t do better and more!
  4. A ‘cool’ title like Lightning Claps (that’s my previous site, actually!), can be improved or just grow out of taste. But I can stick to my name.
  5. My name has been always been reserved online, so I never intend to let go of this website address 😝.