There is a wide selection of Quran apps for mobile devices, but for computers there are almost no apps that balance powerful features with a focused reading experience and beautiful interface. Qawl aims to change that—see it in action:

Qawl is a Quran reader made specially for desktop/laptop computers. It brings the popular and standardized Madina mushaf to digital platforms. It combines the time-tested effectiveness of the mushaf with the conveniences of technology.

It’s highlight features include:

  • Lightning-fast startup and performance
  • Ultra high-quality scanned mushaf 📷
  • Precise user-controlled zoom 🔎
  • Powerful navigation using table of contents, page flip, or direct entry 🎯
  • One-click access to recitations, tafsir and translations (online) 📚
  • Beautiful and effective design 🔮
  • Comprehensive keyboard shortcuts 🎹
  • Offline support ☁
  • Dark theme 🌙
  • Instantly resumes from your last read page, zoom and theme 💾
  • Natural interactions with simple click-and-drag scrolling, trackpad pinch gestures, and automatic entry when pressing number keys ✋🏼
  • Encourages focus with an interface that auto-hides when you don’t need it 🧠
  • Helpful tooltips to explain all features and teach keyboard shortcuts 💭

Additionally, Qawl is fully open source: all the code is freely available and anyone can submit improvements, report issues and help out—this project is not dependent on one person, and is made to last a long time.

Simplicity and elegance, focus and calm.

Get Qawl for Windows, macOS and Linux