Naved Islam

The Process of Publishing Stories

Each story in this project is re-written, analyzed and sourced—turning each story into a package of knowledge and self-improvement.

The 🗻 Stories of the Righteous initiative aims to share the great stories heard or read online, and also a few experiences from this day and age. These are already available, but spread out all over the internet and different books. They may be structured poorly or have linguistic errors. Sometimes, different sources have different wordings and details as well.

The stories will thus be re-written. Punctuation and grammar will be refined. The plot of each story will also be adjusted to maximise readability and emphasize the morals. Just as storytellers edit the stories they tell, this series focuses on the purpose of each story instead of verbatim accuracy.

Also, many stories are currently available in audio or video formats only. Those media have their own benefits, but the written word is better for analysis. Writing them is a new effort and would also help those with hearing challenges.

In addition to retelling stories, reflections on their content and lessons will be provided. They will analyze the events of the story itself, while also making connections to broader ideas and morals. Each story teaches lessons itself, but can also be used as a starting point to explore related ideas and learn much more.

But most important is your own reflection and thought about the story. Why did the story feel so moving to me? Do I relate to it somehow? What have I learnt? How will I live differently in light of the lesson? The provided reflection is just an example. What will truly benefit you are your own thoughts regarding the story. By reflecting on other’s experiences we may learn to reflect on our own—a priceless skill of the truly righteous.

Finally, in-depth sourcing will be provided for each story. Stories curently available online are often uncited and lack any source, but that will be corrected here. When two different sites mention the same source they may translate it differently as well. This effort will look for multiple sources for each story, combine them (their details and wording) to get a fuller version of the story. All while keeping in mind whether the story truly happened or not doesn’t change its benefit for us.

Thus, each indivdual story becomes a mini-training session: a powerful story that teaches important lessons, followed by an example reflection to aid your own, finished with a note about the sourcing of the story exposing you to academic processes.


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