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πŸŒ… The Future of Islamic Apps: stronger, faster, prettier and open Islamic apps built by Sufone.

🌹 How to Practice Dying: a deeply personal, yet universal reflection on how to do exactly what’s in the title.

🌏 Allah’s Special Blessings For Non-Arabs: We look beyond races to the real race; positivity, sincerity and effort are all that matter.


Arabic is the language of Islam and the foundation for all interested to dive deep into it. Let’s 🏝️ learn more about it from the foundations and explore further:

  1. πŸ–‹οΈ Writing & Calligraphy
  2. πŸ’¬οΈ Spelling & Pronunciation
  3. 🦴 Grammar
  4. πŸ— Vocabulary

Surface-level exploration aside, we can dive deeper:

  1. πŸ— Sentence Construction [nahw]
  2. πŸ—ƒοΈ Word Construction [sarf]


It’s very important to read πŸ—» Stories of the Righteousβ€”they are our good company in times where it’s hard to find.

  1. The πŸ’ Unwilling Marriage between two pious people. If we trust in Allah, we will never be disappointed.

    We learn: righteousness, cleverness and marriage.

  2. The time Imam Abu Dawud 🀧 Chased a Sneeze to seize even the smallest-seeming good deed. If we prioritize God, paradise awaits.

    We learn: internal resolve, confidence and the importance of knowledge.

  3. β›΅ An Amazing Debate with an atheist on the existence of Allah with a stunning answer!

    We learn: wisdom in debate and different ways of reaching belief.

  4. The attempt to πŸ‘› Steal 1000 Gold Coins from Imam Bukhari, and his response filled with wisdom.

    We learn: how to keep our priorities straight and Imam Bukhari’s legacy.

  5. A recent story: πŸ’£οΈ Praying During a Baghdad Bombing Raid


Some of πŸ’­ My Favorite Quotes along with my understanding of them.

Diversity in Display: a walkthrough of the the SeekersGuidance Global Islamic Seminary YouTube Channel.

Updated June 12, 2021

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