When I had to move from Nigeria to Pakistan, I was heartbroken. Even though I had gone from country-to-country all my life it got harder as I gained experience — because the bonds I made were all the more real. I wrote Dying and Live to bid farewell; to the people around me and a part of myself. There’s some link between feeling sad and realizing important truths.

As is clear from the above posts, we are so influenced the people around us. If we are unable to surround ourselves with good company, the least we can do is read the Stories of the Righteous as a means for good traits to rub off and bad ones to wipe out. Read about:

  1. The Unwilling Marriage that was actually one of the most blessed marriages in recorded history. Relying on Him always pays off…
  2. The Chasing of a Sneeze that seemed like a trivial good deed, but turned out to be worth more than anything else…

But the most important thing to read is the Quran, of course — and so this is Qawl: the desktop Quran reader app that combines the time-tested effectiveness of the muṣḥaf with all the conveniences of being digital. Download it here for a superior reading experience on your desktop or laptop.

In progress:

  • “What’s in a speech?” Taking a look at the structure, content, and style of a short speech on the virtue of character.
  • Typing tips to easily write ḷīḳę ṭḥīş and also: ﷻ & ﷺ
  • The story of someone who threw away a 1000 gold coins
  • Explanations of common Arabic words and their linguistic roots
  • What’s wrong with college planning and careers
  • The root of anger
  • and (too much) more!