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Islamic apps to help us get closer to our Creator.

Layl - Plan Your Night Worship & Routine

The night is a blessed time, created for rest but also meant for worship. Find the divisions of the night in your area to plan your worship and sleep

Qawl - Desktop Quran Reader App

The Quran app for your desktop and laptop, combining the Madinah mushaf with powerful digital features. Get it now for Windows & Linux.


Welcome to this humble collection of Islamic apps 👋️!

There are millions of applications for every purpose, but Muslims’ needs for technology that serves our faith is unmet.

To fulfill this gap, I want to make apps that I use personally—and share them in the hope others can benefit as well, by Allah’s permission.

There are three things that make a good app: features, speed and visuals—and I hope you find these qualities in all the apps, by Allah’s mercy.

With this vision, I avoid working on any need that has already been met. For example, there are many Quran apps for mobile phones—so I made 📗️ Qawl for computers. There are hundreds of prayer time applications—but few focused on the divisions of the night, so I made 🌙️ Layl. Alhamdulillah!

To help prevent future duplication of effort in Islamic apps, all my code is available 100% openly. Meaning anyone can look at exactly how the software is made, develop improvements, and help provide the ummah with even better software. And of course, all suggestions and ideas are welcome!

Finally, all these apps respect your privacy, time and devices—like every “Islamic” app should. And they don’t have any ads 😁️.

You can join the monthly email to learn what’s new and coming soon in all the apps and help shape future development—along with Islamic articles I write, insha Allah ✨️!

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