🌹 How to Practice Dying: a deeply personal, yet universal reflection on how to do exactly what the title says. In preparation of death we live to the fullest.

💭 My Favorite Quotes along with my understanding of them.

Diversity in Display°: a walkthrough of the the SeekersGuidance Global Islamic Seminary YouTube Channel.


It is very important to read 🗻 Stories of the Righteous:

  1. The 💍 Unwilling Marriage between the parents of Imam Abu Hanifa. If we trust Allah, we will never be disappointed. This story teaches us righteousness, cleverness and marriage.
  2. The piety of Imam Abu Dawud to chase the smallest-seeming good deeds, like 🤧 Chasing a Sneeze. If we prioritize God, paradise awaits. This story teaches us internal resolve, confidence and the importance of knowledge.


I’ve created a few apps:

  1. The best thing to read is the Quran. This is Qawl°: a desktop Quran reader app that combines the time-tested effectiveness of the physical copy with the conveniences of digital media.
  2. The night is a blessed time, created for rest but also designed for worship. Use Layl° to easily find the divisions of the night in your area, and plan your worship and sleep.