🌹 How to Practice Dying: a deeply personal, yet universal reflection on how to do exactly what the title says. In preparation of death we live to the fullest.

💭 My Favorite Quotes along with my understanding of them.

Diversity in Display: a walkthrough of the the SeekersGuidance Global Islamic Seminary YouTube Channel.


It is very important to read 🗻 Stories of the Righteous—they are our good company in times where it’s hard to find.

  1. The 💍 Unwilling Marriage between the parents of Imam Abu Hanifa. If we trust Allah, we will never be disappointed.
  1. The time Imam Abu Dawud 🤧 Chased a Sneeze to seize even the smallest-seeming good deeds. If we prioritize God, paradise awaits.
  1. The attempt to 👛 Steal 1000 Gold Coins from Imam Bukhari, and his response filled with wisdom.


I’ve created a few apps:

  1. The best thing to read is the Quran. This is Qawl: a desktop Quran reader app that combines the time-tested effectiveness of the physical copy with the conveniences of digital media.
  2. The night is a blessed time, created for rest but also designed for worship. Use Layl to easily find the divisions of the night in your area, and plan your worship and sleep.